A Cold One – and a Career?

Cold craft beerWhen it’s hot out like it’s been this Summer, you might want a nice cold beer.  Beyond basic enjoyment, beer is big business.  Have you considered being a brewer?

Check out GRCC’s  Craft Brewing program offered by the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education,  and take a look at  some of the new books that GRCC’s Library has to offer on the Craft Brewing Subject Guide.



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GRCC Library: We’re Here For You!

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Will You Be My Friend?

Peace finger symbolYou might be heartily sick of some family and friends by now, but, if you are lucky, you know they care. Imagine going through this pandemic without family and friends? Yikes!

That’s friendship on a very personal level, but there’s friendship on the global scale, and that’s what the International Day of Friendship is all about.  Celebrated on July 30, this UN initiative encourages the culture of peace as a set of values, attitudes and behaviors that reject violence, with the goal to prevent conflicts by addressing their root causes.

A big job for just one day this year, don’t you think?  To end this blog on a lighter note, take a peek at this 2017 NBC clip about two 5-year olds who understand friendship.





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Star Gazing in Michigan

Meteor CollageStart now to plan your (safe and socially-distant) star-gazing nights this summer. Find a place far from the city lights on a cloudless night.

  • Delta Aquarid Shower  produces about 20 meteors an hour from July 12 to Aug. 23, and peak July 28-29.  The meteors radiate from the constellation Aquarius and are best viewed after midnight and before dawn.
  • The Perseid Shower runs from July 17 through August 24, with the best viewing expected August 11-13. They can best be viewed from Dark Sky Preserves in Michigan State Parks.

Meteors look gorgeous shooting across the sky, but meteors and our planet have a history. Find out by watching Big History: Deadly Meteors. Logon with your last name and 7-digit Raider number.



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Find ProQuest Full-text through Google

ProQuest, one of our major research vendors, just launched a new discovery initiative for those who start their searches on the public internet. You will soon see millions more links to articles available in full-text in our licensed ProQuest databases.Google Scholar to ProQuest

How will this benefit you?  Let’s say you’re searching Google Scholar for articles on your topic. You spot a great sounding title from the site search.proquest.com – and  you click on the title.

You will be prompted to logon to your institution;  type Grand Rapids Community College and click on it. Login and you’re in!  You now have access to all the ProQuest content that GRCC licenses.  While GRCC does not license everything that ProQuest sells, if you identify something we don’t license, request it through RaiderLoan.





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