GRCC Votes!

A laptop open to the GRCC Votes webpage with a sign next to it that says "GRCC Votes, Register to Vote here, It's easy! 1. Register to Vote 2. Make your voting plan 3. Vote"

Are you registered to vote for the next election on November 8? Have you made your voting plan? It’s not too late, and GRCC Votes! is here to help. GRCC Votes! is a cross campus collaboration to help and empower the campus community with the information they need to register and vote this November.

From now until the election on November 8, there is a kiosk on the first floor of the GRCC Library and Learning Commons where you can access information about the upcoming election including links that will help you register to vote online (until October 24), find your polling place, see what will be on your ballot, and more!

You will also find members of the GRCC community popping up around campus with laptops so you can register and get more information about the upcoming election. We’ll also have coloring sheets and fun swag, so if you see us, stop by and say hello and talk about all things voting!

If you would like to check your registration status or learn more about the upcoming election and how you can participate, checkout our GRCC Votes! Libguide or go to the Michigan Voter Information Center to learn more.

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