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But I needed that PRINT book!

Libraries are closed across the country, so access to print titles, most Course Reserves, and Interlibrary Loan is not possible.  GRCC Librarians offer these alternatives:

  1. Ask-A-Librarian to see if there are alternate resources that will fill your need and accomplish the same goal.VitalSource graphic
  2. Need a textbook? Check out VitalSource on our Virtual Services Subject Guide to see if your textbook is included.
  3. If the book you need has an older copyright date, try out the FREE Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library project.   It’s already helped GRCC students multiple times!Internet Archive logo

Librarians are working to help you be successful.  Stay in touch!

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It’s a Match! Find Your Ideal Career Seminar

Career on a white board with handCounselor Erin Busscher is offering an It’s a Match! Find Your Ideal Career seminar this Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 12 from 1-2 in SCC336. It’s open and FREE to all students and employees.  If you’re not sure about your career direction, this is a great opportunity.

Take a look, too, at the Library’s [Careers Subject Guide]. Since December, we’ve added 75+ new titles to the careers collection.  You’ll find even more new careers titles on the [Careers & Education] tabs on most other [Subject Guides].



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Grand Rapids-born Astronaut Back on Earth!

Christina Hammock Koch, a NASA astronaut, landed back on Earth in Kazakhstan this morning after serving 328 days aboard the International Space Station. Koch now holds the record for longest single spaceflight in history by a woman. She returned with two of her colleagues, Soyuz Commander Alexander Skvortsov of Roscosmos and Luca Parmitano of  the European Space Agency.

Koch was born in Grand Rapids and raised in North Carolina where she  earned  BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, and a MS in Electrical Engineering from NC State.  Koch gained popularity by sharing her beautiful photos of the Earth.

You might have heard a whoosh of noise this morning – undoubtedly made by hundreds of Tina’s relatives on “the Ridge” in Comstock Park breathing a sigh of relief that she has arrived home safely.

For more on astronomical news, check out the Astronomy Subject Guide.

Tina Koch lands on Earth



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Why Subject Guides?

Librarians curate [Subject Guides] to provide point-0f-use resources and tips that are related to the classes students take within an academic department. There’s a [Subject Guide] for each academic department, or, in a few cases, a combined Subject Guide serving multiple related departments. In addition, there are Subject Guides for all students, like [Careers], [Citing Sources], [eBooks at GRCC], or,  [Paying for College]. They are listed in alphabetical order – and we have more than 90 to choose from.

Subject Guide list

[Subject Guides] are a great resources for students because you’ll find a list of the best databases for your topic, copies of handouts that were used in our classes, a link to your liaison librarian, tips for searching, career information in the field of interest, browsing lists of periodicals serving a department, new titles, news feeds, and more.  They are especially handy and used a lot by students who are researching on their own.

Librarians also know that if you start using [Subject Guides] at GRCC, when you transfer to your next institution, you’re more likely to look for something similar at that school. And, because we use the same software as most US academic libraries for presenting our [Subject Guides], there’s a transfer of previous knowledge – aka – you’re going to be able to use them right away, on your own!

Take a look at the [Subject Guides] for the classes you are taking (or teaching!) and contact your liaison librarian with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Communications Subject Guide

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Be Well – Exercise is Medicine

When Winter dreariness sets in, it’s hard to keep up with all the demands of college work. Don’t forget to nourish your physical and mental self. Here are a few campus wellness opportunities that will help keep you fit!  Take a look at the Exercise is Medicine Subject Guide for more ideas (and some books!) on staying well.

Exercise is Medicine logo


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