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GRCC Library Here For You (despite Building Hours change)

GRCC is transitioning more in-person classes to virtual formats to slow the spread of Covid-19. Beginning November 18, 2020, the GRCC Library building will be open by appointment-only for checkouts and returns of laptops, hotspots, and other technology.  Schedule appointments with Cynthia Browne (616-389-4881 or cynthiabrowne @ We continue to offer Virtual Services. Use:

As services evolve, see Virtual Services for details.

We’re Here For You Video

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At Your Polling Place

Every Vote Counts graphic

Many college students are voting in their first presidential election and have questions. The Michigan Secretary of State, League of Women Voters, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law provide some answers:

Where am I supposed to vote?

What kinds of ID should I bring with me to vote in person?

I live in Comstock Park but I see ballot boxes all over downtown Grand Rapids. Can I use one of those to vote my absentee ballot?

The poll worker says my name is not on the list of registered voters. What should I do?

Someone is interfering with my right to vote. What should I do?

Can I call someone to help?

For more on Voting, Voting Rights, and Fake News, see the 2020Vote! Subject Guide.

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Once in a Blue Moon this Weekend

For the first time since 1944, people world-wide will be able to see a blue moon on October 31st – Halloween. “The next full moon on Halloween that will be visible worldwide is expected in 2077, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.” Blue moons are, sadly, not actually blue, and refer to the occurrence of a second full moon during one month.

Photo courtesy of Pikist

With the surge in Covid cases, we’re all looking for alternate ways to mark this holiday safely. Why not moon-gaze in your back yard?

For more on moon lore, check out NASA’s What is a Blue Moon? Also, take a look at the Library’s Astronomy Subject Guide for more!

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Voting in Person – But Where?

If you’re a Grand Rapids voter who plans to vote in person on Election Day, do you know WHERE your polling site is this year?

To protect students and nursing home residents from possible Covid transmission, polling sites at several city locations were moved earlier this year. To find out more, read here. Changed polling sites include:

I Voted sticker
  • Ward 1, Precinct 20 — from Covenant Living to St. Paul’s Anglican Catholic Church at 2560 Lake Michigan Drive NW
  • Ward 1, Precinct 21 — from Westview Church to Highland Hills Baptist Church (2020) at 1415 Northrup Ave. NW #2598
  • Ward 1, Precinct 23 — from West Catholic High School to Unity of Grand Rapids Church at 1711 Walker Ave. NW
  • Ward 2, Precinct 36 — from Pilgrim Manor to GRPS University (Temporary) at 1400 Fuller Ave. NE
  • Ward 2, Precinct 42 — from Vista Springs to Riverside Middle School (Temporary) at 265 Eleanor St. NE
  • Ward 3, Precinct 61 — from Clark Retirement to Calvin Christian Reformed Church (2020), located at 700 Ethel Ave. SE

Check here to verify your registration, locate the address of the poll where you are registered to vote, or to learn more about next week’s election from the Michigan Secretary of State’s office.

For more on Voting, or for Non-Partisan Fact-checking Websites, see the 2020Vote! Subject Guide.

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International Chefs Day

International Chefs Day Theme



Happy International Chefs Day to our favorite chefs and chefs-to-be at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education!  The theme for International Chefs Day 2020 is “Healthy Food for the Future” For a peek at recently added titles to GRCC’s culinary collection, click here. For additional resources on culinary careers, click here.








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