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Periodicals – by any other name

Periodicals – that “library” word for a title which is published at different intervals – daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, annually, etc. The word “periodicals” is often used interchangeably with magazines or journals or newspapers, which actually denote different periodical tools for different audiences.

At GRCC, your instructor will often assign you to read periodicals of one kind or another, depending on the class, the assignment, and/or to introduce you to the peer-reviewed professional literature in your chosen field. Take a look at the periodicals in your field by viewing the [Periodicals] tab on your department’s [Subject Guide]. And, if you want to know more about periodicals in general, see the [Periodicals Subject Guide].

GRCC’s Library has about 400 current print subscriptions to periodicals shelved on the Library’s second floor – but, as you can imagine – we have over 40,000 online subscriptions! Use [eJournal List] to determine which periodicals we get online, and which database they can be found. Use your last name and 7-digit Raider number to access eJournals from off-campus.

Periodicals word cloud

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Great American Pie Month? Yes, Please!

February is Great American Pie Month. Who decided that, I do not know, but I highly support anything that honors Pie’s place in America! And, not just Apple Pie!

Great American Pie Month Book Display

How to Celebrate Great American Pie Month

Delishably provides a list of several ways to celebrate Great American Pie Month:

  1. The best way to celebrate it has to be throwing a pie party.
  2. Bake a pie a day
  3. Bake a pie you’ve never made before
  4. Eat some pie for breakfast
  5. Make a pot pie for dinner
  6. Cheat one night (or two) and order a pizza pie
  7. Let everyone make their own mini pie
  8. Play Pie Face a game by Hasbro (there are several versions to choose from)

Librarian Mike Klawitter curated the Great American Pie Month display with several titles from our collection. Take a quick trip to the second floor of the Library; you’re welcome to check out any of the titles on display. Many print titles on pie are found in the Circulation Collection at 641.8652 – and we have more in other call number ranges.

Why so many books on pie, pizza, tarts and similar goodies? The Library supports the instructional needs of Culinary Arts programs run by the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education, that’s why!

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SWANK Movies Available!

50 movies and documentaries in streaming video format have been cataloged and can be found with a keyword or author search of “Swank Motion Pictures”. The list ranges from classic movies that are most requested on US college campuses, top foreign language films for language classes, to documentaries used in GRCC courses.

Swank Digital Campus streaming videos allow GRCC’s Library to provide legal access to major motion pictures. “Swank Digital Campus provides colleges and universities with the largest academic streaming collection of its kind. With over 25,000 films, documentaries and TV shows, Swank Digital Campus simplifies film distribution by providing faculty and students a legal streaming resource both on and off campus.”

The titles will appear in OneSearch results in a few weeks, but we wanted to let you know you can start viewing them now! Logon with your last name and 7-digit Raider number.

Spike Lee's movie poster Do the Right Thing
Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.

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World Religions Book Display

World Religions Book Display
World Religions Book Display

Since religion is a part of many people’s lives, and world events often circle around religious topics, beliefs, and leaders, it’s important for all of us to know the basics of (at least) the world’s major religions.

Grand Rapids has numerous church-related schools and libraries with vast religion collections – and GRCC does not have a religion program. That said, we DO have a small basic collection from high quality publishers on world religions. For very in-depth religious research, our users can supplement our collection with borrowed titles from neighboring libraries – free through RaiderLoan.

Visit the Library & Learning Commons and check out the World Religions book display on the 1st floor. Librarian Sophia Brewer curated this display which features titles on specific religions as well as surveys of most religions. If you see a title you want to check out, bring it to the Circulation Desk!

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Browse the New Books at GRCC

Come on in and browse the New Books collection near the Library’s front entrance.  It’s regularly refreshed with new print books so the New Books area has a bookstore feel.

Or, take a look at our new eBOOK titles. Each month, the newest titles are uploaded to the RaiderSearch Catalog Featured Lists.  Click the [View this book] link and logon with your last name and 7-digit Raider number, and start reading!

New Books shelves
New Books January 2022
New Books shelves
New Books January 2022

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