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Love to Read?

GRCC’s Library contains a great collection focused on resources for instructional use. But, if you’re like many of us, sometimes you just want to read something “fun.”  Did you know that you can request leisure reading titles to be delivered from MeLCat search for Aretha Frankling titleother Michigan libraries to GRCC for your use? For free?

Here’s how:

  1. Start at GRCC’s RaiderSearch Catalog and run a [Title] search for the book,  video, or CD  you want.
  2. If GRCC does not own the book, then click the [Search MelCat] icon which runs the same search in the statewide MeLCat Catalog.
  3. Select your title from the MeL screen and click [Get this for me] and follow the screen prompts. You’ll be asked to logon with your last name and 7-digit Raider Number.
  4. We’ll contact you when the title arrives from the lending library. When you’re done, drop it back at GRCC’s Library and we’ll return it!

It’s easy… free to GRCC… and, it will expand your reading options astronomically!

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Can I Borrow …..?

If you’re on campus and forgot some “essential something,” call the Library’s Circulation & Course Reserve Desk (616-234-3872) to see if they have one to lend you.  The LLC has:

  • Laptop computers for on-campus use;
  • Cell phone chargers;
  • USB battery packs;
  • Headphones;
  • Student supply kit (scissors, pens, notecards, etc.);
  • Whiteboard markers (to use on the LLC whiteboards); and,
  • TI-84 graphing calculators.

Those items are in addition to the books, video, and textbooks typically found on Course Reserve.

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What’s on Course Reserve? – For Students

If your textbook isn’t available at the Bookstore, or, you’re waiting for your copy to arrive from an online vendor, don’t fall behind in your assigned reading!  Check to see if the Library has a copy of the textbook that you can use in the LLC until yours is available.  Check here for a Course Listing  – OR –  check here for a listing by professor’s name.  Most academic departments put one copy of their textbooks onto Course Reserve.  If yours isn’t there, ask your professor to place one on Reserve.

Textbooks are not the only titles on Reserve.  Often faculty put personal copies of books, or ask that library copies of books and DVDs go to Reserve.  Questions?  Contact  Library Circulation at 616-234-3872, or, take a look at the Course Reserve Subject Guide.

Student pulling a Course Reserve title for another student's use.

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Course Reserves – For Faculty

Student worker assisting with Course ReserveAre your Course Reserves up-to-date?  Check here for a Course Listing of what’s on Reserve,  or, check here for a listing by professor’s name.  Is your current textbook on Reserve?

To place textbooks, workbooks, library resources OR personal titles onto Course Reserve, contact Kevin Lyons (616-234-3189). Check out the Course Reserve Subject Guide.

For assistance in adding links to copyrighted information and/or library resources into your Blackboard courses, contact your liaison librarian, or see the Linking Library Resources into Blackboard Subject Guide.

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