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World Religions Book Display

World Religions Book Display
World Religions Book Display

Since religion is a part of many people’s lives, and world events often circle around religious topics, beliefs, and leaders, it’s important for all of us to know the basics of (at least) the world’s major religions.

Grand Rapids has numerous church-related schools and libraries with vast religion collections – and GRCC does not have a religion program. That said, we DO have a small basic collection from high quality publishers on world religions. For very in-depth religious research, our users can supplement our collection with borrowed titles from neighboring libraries – free through RaiderLoan.

Visit the Library & Learning Commons and check out the World Religions book display on the 1st floor. Librarian Sophia Brewer curated this display which features titles on specific religions as well as surveys of most religions. If you see a title you want to check out, bring it to the Circulation Desk!

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