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Why Use Subject Guides?

Subject Guides are created for students and faculty who are starting to search for educational resources. Use Subject Guides when you need to quickly connect to resources that are specific to your coursework. They are available for all academic departments, and you will find:

  1. the most pertinent Databases, and, often provide tips for searching.
  2. career resources, including professional associations, occupational information and outlook, and, 4-year transfer schools.
  3. quality, college-appropriate web resources.
  4. new titles (print and eBook) the Library obtained.
  5. a browsing list of periodicals, including research journals, in your field.
  6. Citation guides to help you cite resources you use correctly.

GRCC librarians curate Subject Guides specifically for GRCC users, using GRCC resources that correlate to our curriculum. Remember, too, to look for library guides at your next / transfer institution.

Subject Guide example

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Why Subject Guides?

Librarians curate [Subject Guides] to provide point-0f-use resources and tips that are related to the classes students take within an academic department. There’s a [Subject Guide] for each academic department, or, in a few cases, a combined Subject Guide serving multiple related departments. In addition, there are Subject Guides for all students, like [Careers], [Citing Sources], [eBooks at GRCC], or,  [Paying for College]. They are listed in alphabetical order – and we have more than 90 to choose from.

Subject Guide list

[Subject Guides] are a great resources for students because you’ll find a list of the best databases for your topic, copies of handouts that were used in our classes, a link to your liaison librarian, tips for searching, career information in the field of interest, browsing lists of periodicals serving a department, new titles, news feeds, and more.  They are especially handy and used a lot by students who are researching on their own.

Librarians also know that if you start using [Subject Guides] at GRCC, when you transfer to your next institution, you’re more likely to look for something similar at that school. And, because we use the same software as most US academic libraries for presenting our [Subject Guides], there’s a transfer of previous knowledge – aka – you’re going to be able to use them right away, on your own!

Take a look at the [Subject Guides] for the classes you are taking (or teaching!) and contact your liaison librarian with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Communications Subject Guide

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Exam Cram – Is it on Your Calendar?

December 2019 Exam Cram poster

For more details, take a peek at the Exam Cram Subject Guide!

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What Journals Do We Have in……?

eJournal PortalGRCC’s eJournal Portal provides access to always up-to-date lists of periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.) licensed for your use.  From the Library’s homepage, select [eJournal Portal] and limit your results to Journals only. Select the broad Subject you’re looking for – and drill down to select the more specific subcategory. For example, when seeking a list of  Nursing journals, choose [Health & Biological Sciences] and select the Nursing subcategory to discover 1059 links to eJournals!

eJournal Nursing subcategory

Click through to the periodical of interest. If you’re on wi-fi or off-campus, you may be prompted for your last name and 7-digit Raider number.

[eJournal Portal] is great for browsing, but if you need to do a real literature search, be sure to use a database suggested on the appropriate [Subject Guide].

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New A-Z Databases List

Check out our spiffy new A-Z Databases List! This updated tool provides accurate links to all the databases that GRCC licenses or receives through the MeL Michigan eLibrary program.  As URLs change (all too often – sigh!), the updated link can be changed in the new Databases List, and will be updated across all of the Subject Guides at the same time.

Remember that if you’re off-campus or using wireless, you may be asked to log on with your last name and 7-digit Raider number.

A-Z Databases List graphic

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