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Study Tips for Finals

flashcardsBy Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

It’s that time again – time to start consolidating everything you have learned this semester in your classes and begin preparing for your final exams!  (On the bright side this also means that summer is almost here & that makes it better, right?)  Finals week this semester is from April 29th – May 2nd, with commencement falling on May 3rd.

To help you begin preparation below are some study tips:

  • Alternate study spaces (first floor, then second floor of the library – perhaps?)  – it has been found that changing up your study location may help you retain more information.
  • Participate in a study group – this can be a positive thing, to learn and study with peers but only if studying is actually on the agenda otherwise it may just be a distraction.
  • Make & use flashcards – “oldie, but a goodie” writing down concepts and vocab helps to cement them in your head.
  • Sleep! – this may be my personal favorite, it is crucial to get enough sleep the days leading up to your exams in order to make sure your mind is functioning at its full potential.
  • Don’t categorize yourself – have you ever been told you’re a “visual learner” or a perhaps a “hands on learner”, when attempting to find study strategies be sure to try things outside of your “learning style box”.
  • Don’t overload yourself with information – start looking over notes and textbooks now, so you’ll slowly absorb the information versus waiting to cram the night before your test. (Yes, this is easier said than done).
  • Finally, come to our Exam Cram Event on April 27th & 28th for quiet studying, FREE refreshments and tutoring help!

For these study tips and more check out these posts:  9 Awesome Study Tips for College Students from Huffington Post or Study Tips & Study Skills.



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ACT/SAT Essay Writing Workshop

By Lisa M. Rabey
Systems & Web Librarian

Are you planning on transferring to a four year university? Do you know what you’ll need to transfer Even more importantly, are you prepared?

Some four year universities require more than just transcripts,  such as test scores for the ACT and SAT. If you need to prep for the ACT and SAT, GRCC Work Force Training has upcoming workshops for you!

Starting March 23rd, GRCC Works has workshops open through the spring on essay writing, which is a major component of the tests. Sessions last three hours.

Students will:

  • Analyze sample essays
  • Learn to use the prompts to formulate their answers
  • Practice writing thesis statements and introductions
  • Learn about how to incorporate support in essays
  • Write a practice essay
  • Receive a critique of their writing with recommendations

Space is limited, so for more information and to register, visit GRCC Works.  For additional help or if you need study guides, the library has print and electronic materials (including video!) available for SAT, ACT, general study guides, and study skills.

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STUDY TIPS: Exam Cram Winter 2012

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

In light of exam week hovering overhead here at GRCC, the library will have extended Exam Cram hours today (8am – 8pm), Saturday (8am – 8pm) & Sunday (1pm – 8pm). In addition to extra time, below are some helpful tips for studying & preparing for the week of exams & final projects – check them out!

Tips on being an ACTIVE STUDIER:

  • Set STUDY GOALS – ie. Set definite study times, commit to focusing during those times
  • ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS during designated study time
  • Choose WHERE & WHEN you do your studying wisely
    • Higher chance of committing concepts to memory during late afternoon & early evening
    • Create a work atmosphere (perhaps here at the library?)

You remember approximately 10 percent of what you read.
You remember approximately 20 percent of what you hear.
You remember approximately 30 percent of what you see.
You remember approximately 50 percent of what you hear and see together.
You remember approximately 70 percent of what you say (if you think as you are saying it).
You remember approximately 90 percent of what you do.

For more information & tips on study habits check out this website from Dartmouth.

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Are you ready? EXAM WEEK IS HERE!!

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

Some tips on preparing & studying for exams:

  • Be an ACTIVE learner, not a passive one! This means the more you manipulate, write down & re-write down key ideas while you are studying, the more likely you will be to remember them.
  • Begin by reading through your notes a couple of times, while highlighting vocabulary, topics & subtopics.
  • Remember to work from concept to detail, not the other way around. This may mean you will need to outline your notes initially & break things down a bit.
  • Make charts, diagrams and graphs.
  • Make lists.
  • Use flash cards – these are always helpful with concepts & vocabulary words.
  • Do not wait until the night before to begin studying!

On exam day:

  • Prepare a few notes the night before, so you can glance at key concepts you want to be refreshed of before the exam – Do not try to “cram” a whole lot into your brain right before; it won’t work.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Remember to bring necessary writing utensils & materials to the test.

If you need help studying or need a place to study remember we have extended  EXAM CRAM hours, until midnight on December 11th, 12th & 13th!  Come on over to the library to get free snacks & tutoring help!

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