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Espanol medico

If working in healthcare is your goal, knowing basic medical terms in Spanish will be useful.  You can learn, or brush up on, terminology using Subject Guide resources found on Medical Spanish.
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Learn a new language!

By Marcia Lee
Library Serials Specialist

Being able to speak more than one language is becoming more and more vital in today’s society. Not only does being bilingual or trilingual make you more marketable as a professional, but it really enables you to become a voice of people who may not otherwise be heard. Language barriers are increasingly more common, with immigrants from all over the world arriving everyday to the our country and to our own city of Grand Rapids.

GRCC is now offering Chinese language courses, specifically teaching on the Mandarin dialect. GRCC’s new Mandarin language courses (CHI 101 & 102) are the newest additions to the language offerings here at our college, others include: American Sign Language, Arabic, German, Spanish, & French.

It may be too late to sign up for one of these courses this semester, but definitely consider taking one in 2012!

Once enrolled, look to your GRCC Library for help with studying & class projects. Our library offers a variety of Chinese dictionaries & books related to the Chinese language & culture that will help you succeed in these courses. Come and get a head start by checking them out today! CLICK HERE to find print and online literature & database resources for Chinese! And, remember A SMILE KNOWS NO LANGUAGE BARRIER! 🙂

Chinese Proverb:

“A book tightly shut, is but a block of paper.”

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