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Great American Pie Month? Yes, Please!

February is Great American Pie Month. Who decided that, I do not know, but I highly support anything that honors Pie’s place in America! And, not just Apple Pie!

Great American Pie Month Book Display

How to Celebrate Great American Pie Month

Delishably provides a list of several ways to celebrate Great American Pie Month:

  1. The best way to celebrate it has to be throwing a pie party.
  2. Bake a pie a day
  3. Bake a pie you’ve never made before
  4. Eat some pie for breakfast
  5. Make a pot pie for dinner
  6. Cheat one night (or two) and order a pizza pie
  7. Let everyone make their own mini pie
  8. Play Pie Face a game by Hasbro (there are several versions to choose from)

Librarian Mike Klawitter curated the Great American Pie Month display with several titles from our collection. Take a quick trip to the second floor of the Library; you’re welcome to check out any of the titles on display. Many print titles on pie are found in the Circulation Collection at 641.8652 – and we have more in other call number ranges.

Why so many books on pie, pizza, tarts and similar goodies? The Library supports the instructional needs of Culinary Arts programs run by the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education, that’s why!

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A Cold One – and a Career?

Cold craft beerWhen it’s hot out like it’s been this Summer, you might want a nice cold beer.  Beyond basic enjoyment, beer is big business.  Have you considered being a brewer?

Check out GRCC’s  Craft Brewing program offered by the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education,  and take a look at  some of the new books that GRCC’s Library has to offer on the Craft Brewing Subject Guide.



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Sweet Ending for Great Cookbook Giveaway

Cake delivery

Last semester, librarians re-homed @ 4000 cookbooks with Secchia Institute for Culinary Education students and chef faculty, as well as interested foodies on campus.  The books were part of a generous donation of @6000 cookbooks from the  extraordinary collection of the late Robert Lippert, a career culinary educator and Michigan & National Restaurant Association speaker.  Several titles that had been on the Library’s “want list” were obtained for our library collection.   The remaining  2000 cookbooks were donated to the Kent District Library’s Cascade Branch for a future book sale.

As a “thank you” to the Facilities employees and student workers who did  the HEAVY lifting involved in a donation of this size, we thought cake would be a great way to end the project. (OK – we think cake is a great addition for all occasions.)  Another big “thank you” goes out to Chef Audrey Heckwolf , professor of Baking, Retail Bakery, & Personal/Private Chef,  and Dr. Werner Absenger, Program head of the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education, for graciously providing  THREE cakes for our project-ending get together.  Grace Higgins, the SICE student who created the cakes is shown (above left) when the cakes were delivered this morning! Yum!  Below, the smile on this library student assistant’s face was shared by all who partook. Yum!!!


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