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Friday the 13th – World Kindness Day???

Be Kind graphic with flowers

Friday the 13th sure seems like a strange date to honor the concept of World Kindness – but here we are – it’s 2020, there’s a pandemic AND we’ve suffered through a contentious election year. We can all use more kindness! For some ideas on how, read CNN’s post with 25 great (and easy) ways to practice kindness.

Or, try this 2016 eBook by Dr. Philip C. Watkins –  Positive Psychology 101 that gives the background to why being positive and kind is not only good for others, but it’s good for you, too. GRCC has unlimited access to that book when you logon with your last name and 7-digit Raider number.

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The Roots of Morality: Does Religion Play a Role or is the Tail Wagging the Dog?

GRCC’s Psychology Department will present a slate of fascinating speakers and topics at the 2010 – 2011 Psychology Department Speakers Series:

Luke Galen, PhD – Wednesday, March 30, 1:15 – 2:45

Dr. Galen is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Grand Valley State University. In this presentation he will consider the root of morality and pro-social behavior. Are we kind and considerate of others because religion creates a set of rules and “commandments” or are these behaviors a natural result of our evolutionary need to live in community? Dr. Galen will also cover related topics such as why humans construct religions and how religion can create prejudicial beliefs and behaviors.

All presentations are free and open to the public.

For more information contact Dr. Frank Conner at (616) 234-3612.

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