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Periodical Titles moving from Print to Online Only

Keeping with the print to online trend that began several years ago now, the GRCC Library continues to transition subscriptions to resources from print format to maintaining purely online access to editions for students, faculty, and staff.  As our society becomes increasingly reliant upon digital issues and online access, the field of library serials has moved to follow suit and meet the demands of users.  This means there are a growing number of magazines and journals which are now producing digital issues of their print publications.

Below are a list of titles which the library will no longer receive in print (although we will continue to maintain previous issues), however are, and will remain, accessible online through the library catalog via various databases or directly link to publisher’s site.

Click on the individual titles to be taken to our catalog where online access is available to the most recent issues published digitally.  Or, come in and read through the newest print editions while they are still available for several of those listed.

Questions or comments related to periodicals? Contact Marcia Lee, Serials Specialist, at 616-234-3879 or email her at mlee@grcc.edu.


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New Culinary Arts Titles in Periodicals

WS022916_CoverUS.inddThe Library has recently acquired a variety of resources from the Secchia Institute of Culinary Education’s library – which was previously located within the ATC.  Some of the new titles include subscriptions to several culinary arts magazines and journals, all of these are listed below. Many of them look as delicious as their titles sound, with vibrant photos of meals and drinks, as well as a wealth of information related to culinary arts retained within their pages – they are definitely worth a look!

Each title has issues available for viewing, shelved within the Periodicals area, located on the second floor of the Library.  You can also click on the titles below to be directed to the library catalog, RaiderSearch, to view which issues are available.  Come in and browse new (and old) titles today!

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Periodical Titles in Transition

On a consistent basis the library goes through the process of “weeding” – meaning we clear out physical items or cancel online items that not being utilized in order to retain the most up useful resources for students, staff and faculty here at GRCC.  To balance out the decisions to drop titles, we are also continuously placing orders for new resources that will support the curriculum and benefit student studies.

The lists below identify magazine and journal titles which the library has recently, or will be discontinuing subscription to in the near future due to a variety of reasons.  You can also click on each title to be directed to the library catalog, if you are interested in seeing what issues are available in print and/or through online access.

The titles below have recently ended or will be ending in print soon, but current issues are accessible online:
America                                              American Sociological Review
Beijing Review                               British Heritage    
Christian Century                         Commonweal
Criminal Justice Ethics               Current History
Dance                                                 Dissent                                              
Education Digest                          Educational Leadership     
Film Comment                               Firehouse
Foreign Affairs                              Journal of Poverty
Modern Machine Shop              Outdoor Life
Popular Science                            The Progressive
Restaurant Hospitality             Science          
Social Policy                                  UN Chronicle       
US Catholic                                   UTNE Reader
The Writer     

The titles below are ending in print, and older issues will be retained on our shelves, although there will be no online access to them:
American Photo                         Fire Engineering
Mental Floss                                Michigan Bar Journal
Nursing Times

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Attention GRCC Faculty & Staff: Have new issues of magazines & journals routed directly to you!

Did you know that the GRCC Library offers routing of new magazines and journal issues, of currently subscribed to titles, as a FREE service to Faculty and Staff members?

Whether you are interested in periodical titles our library retains in print or online, this library service is on which you can take advantage of!  We can provide you with instructions for setting up email alerts, to notify you when new issues of our online titles become available for you to access, or fill you in on the process of routing print issues right to your mailbox.

For more information and/or a comprehensive list of print titles available contact Marcia Lee via email mlee@grcc.edu, or phone (616) 234-3879.  You can also check to see if we retain print issues of or have online access to your favorite periodicals by checking out our library catalog: http://grcc.edu/librarylearningcommons.

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Food Arts Magazine

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

I have always been a visual person, largely due to my right brain tendencies.  I learn better with visual cues and have always loved going to art museums and movies, and prefer books with pictures to those with purely text (Don’t most people??).  This being said, one of my new favorite magazines we receive here at the library is Food Arts.  Our subscription to the title started this past January and since then the monthly issues, which cross my desk to be checked in, have continued to capture my attention.

The pictures of delicious food as art are beautiful, they draw you in and whether you love food or art (or both!) this is a great resource.  There are articles throughout the magazine, typically highlighting chefs, recipes, food/beverage events, the best places to dine and current food trends in our society.  All are interesting and only add to the pretty pictures!   Although most of the recipes are too fancy for my cooking abilities I am sure that some of you out there – perhaps those in the Culinary Program here at GRCC? – would appreciate the intricate recipes and flavors described.

So, whether you have a sweet tooth or a savory one, be sure to come into the Library & check out the latest issue in our display racks today — feast with your eyes!

If you like Food Arts, check out the other culinary related titles we have:

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