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Who Will You Vote For?

If you are looking for an “unbiased, nonpartisan source to help make up your mind about election-related topics like immigration, gun control, outsourcing, national security, and more”, try Opposing Viewpoints in Context.  It is one of several databases included on the Debate & Controversy Subject Guide that will link you to articles coveringYour Vote Counts the pros- and cons- of controversial topics.

Take a look at these neat elections websites, too:

Abstracted from MeL Minutes, a service of the Library of Michigan.


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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

“There is a veritable swirl of social issues around us – terrorism, infectious diseases, climate change, reproductive rights, to name but a few.  GRCC’s Library & Learning Commons has a resource that can help make sense of subjects that get debated officially or unofficially.  Opposing Viewpoints in Context  is a targeted resource which helps students, teachers and others interested in discovering both sides of an issue or controversy – and all the background that goes with it. Opposing Viewpoints in Context  features viewpoint essays, news, statistics, images, primary sources and more. Find Opposing Viewpoints in Context  in the alphabetic list of Databases and on the Debate & Controversy Subject Guide,” – available through MeL Michigan eLibrary. (MeL Minute)

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