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End of Term and DataRefuge

The internet’s greatest strength is that it is fast and flexible. Unfortunately that quality can also be seen as a weakness. It is very easy to share information online and just as easy to delete it. Sometimes we imagine that the information we rely on in the online environment will always be there.

In fact, nothing online is permanent but there are initiatives to preserve important government specific information published to the internet so that it doesn’t just disappear.  One such initiative is the Internet Archive “End of Term” project. Another is the University of Michigan “DataRefuge” project.

The goal of these projects is to engage the academic community in identifying and archiving important factual government information that cannot be harvested via routine web crawling.  Ideally the information collected via this effort will be available to researchers for years to come.

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Hot Topics – Fake News

Photo of cite your source and hot topics display.

In the era of “fake news, “alternative facts”  and other polarizing topics, you’ll want to make sure your facts are straight. Stop in and checkout this new display by Sophia Brewer.

We are all bombarded by information 24/7 – from tweets, Facebook, television, radio, friends and family, newspapers, books, in Blackboard – you name it!  It can be overwhelming. Oh, and the hashtags! There is a hashtag for everything and many of us get our news via hashtags. Do they really make things easier to find? How do you research a hashtag?

Librarians suggest that you read widely from a variety of sources, written from different perspectives. By doing so, you’ll surely better understand the issues that have long-term impact.

This display offers information on  some of those trending hashtags and hot topics. #knowlegeispower, #citeyoursource, #libraries






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By Janelle Yahne
Library Circulation Associate

Databases are great, but what about amazing websites? Check out our Internet resources page to find great websites on a variety of topics ranging from the visual arts to legal references. It is a great starting point that will save time on finding a reputable website.

Artbabble.org is a great site to learn about contemporary artists, or to find lectures on a variety of art topics. This website, along with many others, can be found under Internet resources page on our website. Below are links and tidbits about topics that I find interesting in Artbabble.

Cindy Sherman is a conceptual portrait photographer who uses herself as a model. She has been doing photography since the mid-1970’s with concepts ranging from social commentary to fashion. Artbabble.org and our library have more information on photography and technique.

Cindy Sherman on Artbabble

Detroit Institute of Arts Museum is an exceptional place that has a large permanent collection. To see upcoming exhibitions, visit their website http://www.dia.org/. But if you can’t make it to Detroit, here are some books and videos on the that are available at artbabble.org and our library catalog:

Detroit Institute of Art on Artbabble

Who is your favorite artist?

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