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But I needed that PRINT book!

Libraries are closed across the country, so access to print titles, most Course Reserves, and Interlibrary Loan is not possible.  GRCC Librarians offer these alternatives:

  1. Ask-A-Librarian to see if there are alternate resources that will fill your need and accomplish the same goal.VitalSource graphic
  2. Need a textbook? Check out VitalSource on our Virtual Services Subject Guide to see if your textbook is included.
  3. If the book you need has an older copyright date, try out the FREE Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library project.   It’s already helped GRCC students multiple times!Internet Archive logo

Librarians are working to help you be successful.  Stay in touch!

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End of Term and DataRefuge

The internet’s greatest strength is that it is fast and flexible. Unfortunately that quality can also be seen as a weakness. It is very easy to share information online and just as easy to delete it. Sometimes we imagine that the information we rely on in the online environment will always be there.

In fact, nothing online is permanent but there are initiatives to preserve important government specific information published to the internet so that it doesn’t just disappear.  One such initiative is the Internet Archive “End of Term” project. Another is the University of Michigan “DataRefuge” project.

The goal of these projects is to engage the academic community in identifying and archiving important factual government information that cannot be harvested via routine web crawling.  Ideally the information collected via this effort will be available to researchers for years to come.

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