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I’ll Be There For You….

Yes, it’s the refrain from the theme song from Friends, but it’s also this year’s theme for World Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying is not just a problem for K-12 school-aged children. It impacts college-aged students, and other adults. Bullying can be at the coffee shop, on the city bus, in class, at your workplace, even at church.

Librarian Mike Klawitter curated October’s book display on the 2nd floor of the Library. Check out (literally) any of the books on display – we’ve got more online!

Bullying Prevention Month display
“Bullying, cyberbullying, racism, hatred, LGBTQIA+ discrimination and homophobia are direct causes of mental health issues. Stand up against hate, racism, and discrimination.
Change the culture with diversity, equity, equality, inclusion, civility – and unity becomes our destiny.”

Stomp out Bullying!

Stomp Out Bullying logo

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Learn more about Diverse Social Identities and Inclusive Environments

Recently, when facilitating a conversation with students about “our changing community,” a student asked “what can she do to learn more about different social and cultural identities.” I answered her question and thought that I would share my answer with others who might be interested.

First of all, when I’m facilitating conversations like this with students, I explain that cultural/social diversity happens when different identity groups are represented in the population you are examining. For instance, there is an appropriate representation of people from different ages, abilities, races, ethnicities, genders, orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, etc.  I explain that when we are exposed to diverse populations, chances are that we will be more open minded and more likely to thrive in diverse work environments. Continue reading

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