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New Databases Galore!

The State of Michigan provides all Michigan libraries a slate of free-to-Michigan-citizens databases through the MeL Michigan eLibrary program.  For more than 15 years, the list has remained relatively unchanged, populated mostly by Cengage Gale databases – until now.   Starting October 1, 2018 and lasting for the next 5 years, MeL will license many new databases for us  – plus a few old favorites.  You’ll  soon see those databases on the Databases link, as well as on selected Subject Guides.

If you’re not using MeL databases, you’re missing out. Give them a try today!MeL Logo

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Imminent Database Changes – Important Stuff!

MeL logoGRCC has benefited from access to MeL online databases – paid for through state and federal taxes. Every 5 years, a MeL committee reviews database offerings and, this year, MAJOR changes were made.  On October 1, GRCC will lose access to most of the former MeL databases (Academic OneFile, General OneFile, etc.) but will have access to a wide variety of new-to-us databases from EBSCO a recognized leader in academic databases.

What this means for our students? Over the next 8 weeks, you will see regular changes to the recommended databases listed on Subject Guides as well as the Databases pages.  Other than that, you will likely see more resources in full-text online.

What this means for faculty?  Here is a crosswalk list of potential usability between the old MeL and the new MeL. If you use permalinks from LLC content to Blackboard, speak with your liaison librarian before the end of September about whether your current permalinks will still be in an accessible database, and, what your options are for continued access to expiring MeL content. Your Liason Librarian can help change out permalinks if you provide Blackboard access.  And, even if we’re losing online access to some journals, it’s likely still available legally with our Copyright Clearance Center RightFind Annual License.  Finally, you may also want to take a look at ProQuest Central databases – we’ve added LOTS of databases to our ProQuest license. You’ll love it!


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