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Cite as you Write – Help is Available

[Citatation Needed] sign

[Citation needed] sign. Image by Mahanga used through Creative Commons attribution license 2.0.

Cite as you Write – words to live by so you can avoid that sinking feeling if you haven’t kept track of your information sources used to write a paper, and that job looms before you.

Need help with citing?  Librarians suggest the Purdue Owl websites for both APA Formatting & Style Guide and MLA  Formatting & Style Guide citation formats.  You’ll find those links on our Citing Sources Subject Guide. They’re easy to use, provide the “pattern” or “recipe” for a citation, followed by real examples.

Librarians are ready to assist you with citing. Visit the Reference Desk, call us at 616-234-3868, or use the Ask-a-Librarian email form.



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Need help with citing?

Before you start writing, think about citing!! graphic

For more on citing, use the Citing Sources Subject Guide.

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Citing – a Fact of [Academic] Life

I forgot what citation style I'm supposed to use and at this point I'm too afraid to askDon’t be afraid to ask for help with your citation reference lists. Ask-a-Librarian, and take a look at the Citing Sources Subject Guide.  Two librarian favorites are:  APA from Purdue Owl  & MLA from Purdue Owl.



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Times still available to book information literacy classes and research-only library space!

By Lisa M. Rabey
Systems & Web Librarian

Hard to believe that September is already half-over and we’re a mere 12 weeks from finals. If you haven’t visited the library yet to get one-on-one instruction or if you’re an instructor, and you haven’t scheduled your library class as of yet, now is the time!

From Nan Schichtel, Information Literacy & Outreach Librarian:

The library is processing reservation requests for Fall 2012 Library and Information Literacy Instruction and/or seating for “Library Research Only” sessions.  Please use the online request forms located on the library’s website or click on one of the links below:

Information Literacy Request Form        Research Only Library Space Request

Students will learn about college-level library services and collections, how to locate books, journal articles and other quality learning resources, citing, how to evaluate web sites, and much more. Sessions are typically booked during the library’s open hours.

If you would like to schedule instruction for classes that meet outside of the library’s open hours or at an off-campus location, space is available when reserved at least 2 weeks prior to the session.

Please contact Nan Schichtel (616-234-3082) with any questions.

Lastly, please consider contributing to the library’s Subject Guide for your department, or link to it via to your Blackboard and/or departmental website.  If we don’t yet have a Subject Guide covering your departments’ needs, please contact your liaison librarian.

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