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2018 Hot Jobs in West Michigan

If you’re in the2018 Hot Jobs cover market for a new job, this is the list for you. The Hot Jobs! list can help guide you to new employment in a high-demand career. West Michigan Works! analyzed online job posting data and surveyed employers to create a list of the 100 highest-growing and most in-demand jobs in West Michigan.  Take a look!  For more career information, see the Careers Subject Guide, as well as the [Careers & Education] tab on most departmental Subject Guides.


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Fastest Growing Occupations 2014-2024

Find out more about the fastest growing occupations at Occupational Outlook Handbook online. There are easy-to-use links to the 20 fastest growing occupations, from Wind Turbine Service Technicians to Optometrists. For other Career information, start at the Careers Subject Guide.

Occupational Outlook Handbook graphic

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What Will You Be Making at Age 34?

Students and parents are rightly interested in potential future earnings.  A recent Grand Rapids Business Journal article about a Stanford economist’s “big data” research and subsequent analysis by the New York Times and a Michigan think tank is worth reading.  The entire original report of The Equality of Opportunity Project, which studies many aspects of upward mobility, is available online and on the LLC’s Statistical Resources Subject Guide.

“… Among two-year colleges in West Michigan, the highest median wage at 34 goes to students who attended Grand Rapids Community College at $30,700, and the lowest wage in the same category is earned by students who attended Montcalm Community College at $20,600.”

Are you interested in knowing more about salaries in potential careers?  Take a look at GRCC’s Career Coach and Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center. More career resources are available on the LLC’s Careers Subject Guide, and on the [Careers & Education] tabs on Subject Guides for academic departments.


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Prep for GRCC’s Transfer Fair

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You’re invited to GRCC’s Transfer Fair on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 18 in room 301 of the Student Center.  You can meet with representatives from:

Find links to GRCC’s top transfer schools in your field, Occupational Outlook articles on careers, resources for career options, and more using the [Careers & Education] tab on the Subject Guide for the academic field in which you are interested.

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Highest-Paying Stem Jobs

People in the top-paying jobs make an average of $2,500 a week.

STEM careers are often considered the jobs of the future, encompassing the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Nov. 8 was National STEM Day. In honor of that event, here’s a link from Money magazine to 15 of the highest-paying STEM jobs, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The 15 Highest-Paying STEM Jobs

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