Ask a “Good Question”

To get the assistance you need, it’s important for library users to “ask a good question,” but even more so when virtual technology stands between the requestor and the librarian. We suggest you share information about your topic and your assignment up-front including:

Question mark
  • specifics about the topic you’ve chosen, or, that you need help choosing a topic;
  • what class the question pertains to – or that it is for personal use – we help with those, too;
  • your professor’s name (we may know their assignment);
  • assignment specifics (must use peer-reviewed journals, MLA or APA citing, when it’s due, etc.); and,
  • what terms you’ve used and what databases or websites you’ve already searched.

For instance, “I’m taking SO200 with Prof. Jones. I have to write an annotated bib (APA) with 10-15 professional or trade journals and they cannot be older than 10 years. The topic I chose is “the impact of Covid on domestic violence.” I’ve searched OneSearch using those words but don’t know how to limit it to professional sociology journals. She said use SocIndex?? It’s due this Friday, so they have to be short articles. What’s the difference between an annotated bib and the abstract?”

GRCC has librarians ready and waiting to answer your questions – how may we help you?

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