Anti-Racism Titles

As many of our GRCC community seek to learn about the true state of racism in America, these unlimited simultaneous-user eBooks will be useful. Click the link and logon with your last name and 7-digit Raider number.

Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. The New Press, La Vergne, 2020.

Hill, Jane H. The Everyday Language of White Racism. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2008.

Sullivan, Shannon. Good White People: The Problem with Middle-Class White Anti-RacismState University of New York Press, Albany, 2014.

Ward, Stephen M. In Love and Struggle: The Revolutionary Lives of James and Grace Lee BoggsUniversity of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 2016.

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