Why Use Subject Guides?

Subject Guides are created for students and faculty who are starting to search for educational resources. Use Subject Guides when you need to quickly connect to resources that are specific to your coursework. They are available for all academic departments, and you will find:

  1. the most pertinent Databases, and, often provide tips for searching.
  2. career resources, including professional associations, occupational information and outlook, and, 4-year transfer schools.
  3. quality, college-appropriate web resources.
  4. new titles (print and eBook) the Library obtained.
  5. a browsing list of periodicals, including research journals, in your field.
  6. Citation guides to help you cite resources you use correctly.

GRCC librarians curate Subject Guides specifically for GRCC users, using GRCC resources that correlate to our curriculum. Remember, too, to look for library guides at your next / transfer institution.

Subject Guide example

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