Pele, Fire Goddess in the News

Hawaiian lava flow from USGSYou’d have to be a hermit to have missed the news of recent volcano eruptions and lava flows on Hilo, the “Big Island,” Hawaii. It’s frightening; citizens and their homes are in grave danger; yet, it’s fascinating to watch.  Closer to home, GRCC’s seismometer recorded the earthquakes  associated with volcanic activity.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s website is one place to find accurate scientific information. USC’s Digital Folklore Archive provides the ancient side of the story with Pele: The Fire Goddess.  If you are interested in learning more,  GRCC’s Library has a short video:Hawaii Volcanoes – Mauna Loa. Prod. Arthur Hurley. National Geographic, 2013. Academic Video Online: Premium Database. Web.  (logon with your last name and 7-digit Raider number)


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