The Invisible Keys Cope Reading Follow-up

Poet David Cope.

Poet David Cope.

Last night’s Post-Beat Poet David Cope Poetry Reading and Book Signing event in the LLC was enjoyed by all attendees!   David shared a variety of poems written on life topics including: the Vietnam War; growing up and family life; love; sustaining friendships; being a janitor; the joy of choosing just the right word; and much more. Thanks to Maryann Lesert for her introduction of David’s career and works, and for sharing portions of her Rapidian review of his recently-published book,  The Invisible Keys.  Students, staff, faculty, Golden Raiders, and members of the community attended. We’ll post the streaming video as soon as it is closed-captioned. This event was sponsored by the Library & Learning Commons and the English Department.

Cope archival display

Archival display of Cope’s Career was created by Mike Klawitter.

Poet Cope signed Invisible Keys for eager readers.

Poet Cope signed Invisible Keys for eager readers.

Cope reading to attendees.

Cope reading to attendees.

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