Fake News is BETTER than the Real News

Right?  Fake news is better than the real news.  Better for what though?

The answer is–  entertainmentgoing virallikes—  +1

Just like a virus, fake news can only continue via a living host. Dubious information flows freely on the internet generating income for whoever created it with each click. This kind of viral information is transient. It is here today and gone tomorrow. At the end of the day you pay for viral information with your time and attention.

Thankfully, at Grand Rapids Community College the information you are expected to use for classes is not viral or transient. In contrast, we have an amazing library which stands as a long-term institutional investment in factual information.

Yes, an academic library is mostly without cute cat videos and paperback page turners. Instead we provide students the factual building blocks of knowledge in each academic discipline. The library provides good information.

So the next time you read a questionable headline what are you going to do? If you ignore something like a virus it may just strengthen. Instead, evaluate the source.  Use the library to verify factual information and in doing so, strengthen yourself.


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