Need to borrow a textbook? Try Course Reserve

Course Reserve

Student assistant Neil Coney retrieves Course Reserves for a student.

Some instructors give the Library a copies of textbooks so students can use them in the Library for 2 hours.  Yes, these books have to stay in the library.

Course Reserve is a library service available at the LLC’s Circulation Desk; a smaller Reserve collection is shelved at Midtown at the Lakeshore.

Of course, students are expected to purchase/rent (and read) all required textbooks, but professors often place copies of textbooks, recommended readings, or videos onto Course Reserve.

The Psychology, Criminal Justice, English, Business Communications, and History Departments placed most of their textbooks onto Reserve. These books are also great for those times when you have unexpected study time, bCourse Reserve searchut your textbook is at home.

To see what is on Course Reserve, select [RaiderSearch Catalog] and choose the [More Searches] menu to search by course or professor’s name.


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