30,000 Titles Added to Copyright Clearance Center

By Nan Schichtel
Information Literacy & Outreach Librarian

GRCC pays for an Annual Academic Copyright License from the Copyright Clearance Center. This license allows faculty to use materials from copyrighted works from thousands of authors. “Over the past three months, CCC has added more than 30,000 titles to the Annual Copyright License repertory.”

To determine if copyrighted learning materials you wish to use are covered by the Annual Academic Copyright License, follow the instructions on the [Copyright Clearance Center] tab found on the [Copyright Subject Guide]. In many cases, the Copyright Clearance Center can provide immediate authorization for the use of copyright-protected content.

Resources found in the LLC’s full-text databases can legally be used in Blackboard semester after semester if you follow linking guidelines. Those techniques are found on the [Linking Library Resources into Blackboard Subject Guide] and are the subject of an upcoming CTE workshop. Additional information and assistance is available when you contact your liaison librarian.


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