May 4th: Free Comic Book Day

FCBD_nodate-small By Lisa M. Rabey
Systems & Web Librarian

If you’ve met me around campus or ended up in one of my classes, you probably already know I’m fairly passionate about comics and graphic novels. One my goals as an instructor and a librarian is to use sequential art not just as a teaching tool or use comics creatively but to ultimately inspire passion for comics in others.

For those reasons, and more, I’m always super excited about the advent of Free Comic Book Day every year. This is a great way to get others introduced into reading comics and to do so for free.  The world of comics can be completely overwhelming and FCBD is a great introduction into that world without getting overly lost.

How does it work? Simple. Every year FCBD organizers have a list of titles that will be given away by local comic book stores. You show up, ask for the titles, and tada! They are yours for free. Now not all titles are available all stores, so you may have to call yours and ask, but chances are pretty good you’ll get what you want.

Other awesome things is that depending on where you live, comic book stores will often have events, signings, and other fun programming happening during the day. In Grand Rapids, check out Argos Books, Apparitions, and Goldmine Comics to see what they have planned for Saturday.

If you’re not able to make it to FCBD this year, don’t panic! The library has you covered! We have:

If you have any questions or suggestions for titles we should have in our collection, please email me.


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