Holiday Shopping Fun

By Janelle Yahne
Circulation Associate

It is about that time where we (or a few of us) open our wallets to buy gifts for people in our life, or to purchase a really nice television for cheap. Personally, I do not enjoy shopping on weekends or holidays. I prefer to linger in stores, making sure I have the right item and sometimes chat with a sales clerk. The holidays are usually not the time to do this type of shopping but I make it work.

However, this coming weekend the nation will be celebrating three unofficial holidays with citizens spending their money: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  These three days will be used by economists to predict how much we Americans will be spending this holiday, and the size of the profit for retailers.  Black Friday is a reference to the fourth quarter of the fiscal year where most retailers actually make their profits. Small Business Saturday, promoted by American Express, is a day to celebrate and shop local businesses to build local economies. Cyber Monday relates to the amount of shopping people do online the first Monday back to work while working.

While shopping during this exciting time, please stay safe and enjoy the holidays. Though we may want to get the best deal on the most expensive items, perhaps we should spend some of our time being with our families on this extended weekend. Or you can read about retail this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


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