Food Arts Magazine

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

I have always been a visual person, largely due to my right brain tendencies.  I learn better with visual cues and have always loved going to art museums and movies, and prefer books with pictures to those with purely text (Don’t most people??).  This being said, one of my new favorite magazines we receive here at the library is Food Arts.  Our subscription to the title started this past January and since then the monthly issues, which cross my desk to be checked in, have continued to capture my attention.

The pictures of delicious food as art are beautiful, they draw you in and whether you love food or art (or both!) this is a great resource.  There are articles throughout the magazine, typically highlighting chefs, recipes, food/beverage events, the best places to dine and current food trends in our society.  All are interesting and only add to the pretty pictures!   Although most of the recipes are too fancy for my cooking abilities I am sure that some of you out there – perhaps those in the Culinary Program here at GRCC? – would appreciate the intricate recipes and flavors described.

So, whether you have a sweet tooth or a savory one, be sure to come into the Library & check out the latest issue in our display racks today — feast with your eyes!

If you like Food Arts, check out the other culinary related titles we have:

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