The Wreaked Havoc of Hurricane Sandy

Photo courtesy of CNN.

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

In light of the recent natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy, which ripped through our country, it seemed appropriate to highlight resources we have available here at the library  (follow the link at the end of this post) related to the topic of natural disasters.

Learning more about what took place in the past may help with any future disasters and it has helped with the current situation on the east coast.  Which precautions could have been taken to save more lives? How can we be more proactive once the disaster strikes?  These are two keys questions that can be asked for the benefit  of preparing us for what may happen in the future.

Our Federal Government has been very proactive in these ways and created an agency called FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), their website is filled with information for nearly every type of natural disaster.  Check it out for information on how to prepare, help others and what to expect:  Natural Disaster Relief.

Below are some other great websites with helpful storm information:

  • Google’s “Crisis Map” for information regarding things such as: areas in need of the most help or where to go for aid.
  • Climate Central provides weather information and the path the storm took.
  • Help with hurricane relief effort by making a donation at the Red Cross website.  Every little bit counts!

For only being “on land” for 2 days – October 29th & 30th – Sandy left behind a devastating aftermath.  Below are some stats from the storm which was, according to some experts, “the most damaging hurricane ever”:

  • Over 7.5 million reported power outages
  • Tallest wave reported was 39′.67″
  • Total of 53 lives lost in the US (NYC, New Jersey & Connecticut)
  • Approximated $30 billion in damage to property

To learn more about natural disasters, and related topics like geographical catastrophes, global warming, first responders  come into the GRCC Library or check out our website which is full of helpful online resources!

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