Geek the library

By Lisa M. Rabey
Systems & Web Librarian

When people ask me what I do, they seem surprised how much of my daily workflow is not related to reading. Because isn’t that the first thing you think when you hear the word “librarian” is an old lady sitting around reading books all day, being overrun by cats? I know I did! When I was elementary school and middle school, I used to ride my bike to the library almost every day during the summer and that’s all I thought they did!

Imagine my surprise as I got older and started working in libraries myself and also noticing how much beyond books librarians and libraries give to their communities. I work with patrons every day, from showing them how to use copier machine, to finding research on a paper they are writing, to learning how to use a particular piece of software, or giving them contact information for local company. I barely have time enough to breathe let alone pick up a book!

It is not only my job that is varied, but it is also the services that provided by the libraries themselves, each tailored to the needs of their community. As an academic library, GRCC has over 100,000 ebooks, over 100 databases, tens of thousands of print books and journals, hundreds of audio materials, and so much more. For GRCC students, all of this is free. Your access to everything we have to offer is included in your tuition and all you need to gain access is your RaiderCard.

When people talk about geeking the library, I always think about what my experiences growing up in libraries compared to all the things GRCC and GRPL have available, and how much richer my life is for it.
(And if you haven’t checked out (see what I did there?) what GRPL has to offer, you should! It’ll make your head spin! Like GRCC, everything GRPL has available to the community is free.)

How do you geek the library?


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