Banned Books Week: Frankenstein and Harry Potter

To celebrate Banned Books Week 2012, the library will be posting reviews and commentary from college staff and students about their favorite banned books and why during the celebration.

By Autumn Flake
GRCC Student

One of my favorite banned books if Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I love this book so much because it was very intriguing and it gave me a new opinion on science fiction. Before I read Frankenstein, I didn’t like the science fiction genre at all, and now I’m giving this genre more of a chance when I go to the library. Also I read this book my sophomore year of high school, and my teacher had us do a lot of fun things with the book, including watching the two different versions of the movies.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling is one of my favorite banned books series because this series brought so much joy and imagination to my childhood. Harry Potter has such fantastic writing and characters before all the movies came out, every book I read I had a movie playing in my head the writing was that good. The plot was, pardon the pun, magical. I’ve read the whole series about 6 times and every time I read them they just keep getting better. I love this series so much that words can’t really describe it.


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