Summer Olympic Games: BASKETBALL

By Janelle Yahne
Circulation Associate

Though basketball may have American roots, it is embraced my countries around the world. This year’s US “Dream Team” will be going up against the world’s best during the Olympic Games, with some of the international teams having NBA players on the roster. There has been argument about this year’s US team being better than the original 1992 Dream Team, but one has to admit that some of the greatest NBA players have competed in the Olympics over the years. This year, the team includes Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and numerous superstars. There will not be an argument about which basketball team is greater in this post (though I am partial to 1992 but only because my younger self was in awe of the team) but this year will be exciting nonetheless.

Both men and women have been playing since its creation in 1891, with the women picking it up in 1893. In 1936, Men’s Basketball was added to the Olympic roster with 21 teams competing.  Women began competing in the Olympics in 1976 with 6 teams. This year, there are 12 teams in both the men’s and women’s categories competing for gold.1 Until 1992, the US sent a team of amateur players to compete, but once the rules changed the “Dream Team” was born.

With the Finals for both the Men’s and Women’s Teams happening this weekend, there will be a lot of coverage if the US teams are dominant again. We have a few titles on Basketball here at the library including rulebooks. For more on the Olympic Games check out these sites:

1Statistical information was taken from here.


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