Summer Olympic Games: GYMNASTICS

By Marcia Lee

Serials Specialist

There are two primary types of gymnastics included in the Olympic Games – rhythmic & artistic.  In artistic gymnastics, women perform on the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, while men perform on the vault, pommel horse, still rings, parallel bars, high bar and floor exercise.  While, rhythmic gymnastics utilizes music and all events are performed on a padded floor – this second type of gymnastics was not introduced to the competition until the 1984 Olympics.

One final “fun fact” about gymnastics as a Summer Olympics event: for the first 32 years of the modern Olympics, from 1896 – 1928, only men were allowed to compete in the gymnastics events.  To discover more “fun facts” and to view a list of resources about the sport of gymnastics CLICK HERE.

For a full listing of events and the Summer Olympic Schedule taking place this year in London, CLICK HERE.

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