June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

“Gay and lesbian Americans have made important and lasting contributions to our Nation in every field of endeavor. Too often, however, gays and lesbians face prejudice and discrimination; too many have had to hide or deny their sexual orientation in order to keep their jobs or to live safely in their communities.”  -Bill Clinton (2000)

June initially became the Gay and Lesbian Pride month in 2000 when then President, Bill Clinton, designated it as such.   It is a month of acceptance & recognition of how LGBT people have impacted our world – although the key messages of this month are those which should exist every single day.  The month is celebrated with parties, parades, memorials of those from the LGBT community who’ve passed, in addition to several other gatherings & celebrations.   The 3 main purposes/messages of LGBT movement are:

  1. Be proud of your sexual orientation & gender identity
  2. Sexual diversity is a gift
  3. Sexual  orientation & gender identity are intrinsic & not chosen

CLICK HERE for a list of resources pertaining to sexual orientation & gender identity that can be found here at the GRCC Library.


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