STUDY TIPS: Exam Cram Winter 2012

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

In light of exam week hovering overhead here at GRCC, the library will have extended Exam Cram hours today (8am – 8pm), Saturday (8am – 8pm) & Sunday (1pm – 8pm). In addition to extra time, below are some helpful tips for studying & preparing for the week of exams & final projects – check them out!

Tips on being an ACTIVE STUDIER:

  • Set STUDY GOALS – ie. Set definite study times, commit to focusing during those times
  • ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS during designated study time
  • Choose WHERE & WHEN you do your studying wisely
    • Higher chance of committing concepts to memory during late afternoon & early evening
    • Create a work atmosphere (perhaps here at the library?)

You remember approximately 10 percent of what you read.
You remember approximately 20 percent of what you hear.
You remember approximately 30 percent of what you see.
You remember approximately 50 percent of what you hear and see together.
You remember approximately 70 percent of what you say (if you think as you are saying it).
You remember approximately 90 percent of what you do.

For more information & tips on study habits check out this website from Dartmouth.


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