April is National Poetry Month

The 2012 National Poetry Month poster, designed by Chin-Yee Lai.

By Marcia Lee
Serials Specialist

The Academy of American Poets – initiated by the Academy in 1996

Celebrated annually during the month of April

The initial reasoning behind this month of poetry celebration was to bring attention & to celebrate poetry as an art form, during which poets & poetry resources are highlighted.

Nationwide – libraries, bookstores, schools, and etc.

Typical ways in which the Academy celebrates Poetry month:

  • Posters: Each year the Academy creates and distributes nearly 200,000 official NPM posters, which are mailed for free to teachers, librarians, and booksellers nationwide.
  • Events: The Academy presents several special events and readings in April. Some of the special events include a 10 Years/10 Cities reading series and the star-studded annual Poetry & The Creative Mind.
  • Publicity: To ensure that poetry gains national attention in the media each April, the Academy mails several thousand press releases and media kits each year to editors and journalists across the country. As a result, thousands of articles about poetry appear in newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets. The Academy also acts as the official clearing house for news and information about National Poetry Month.
  • Inspiration & Guidance: The Academy offers a plethora of practical resources for celebrating NPM, including tips for teaching poetry during April, creating a poetry book display in your bookstore or library, presenting a poetry reading or contest, and much more.

For more information visit www.poets.org & be sure to check out the poetry resources we have available here at the library!


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