Happy Pi Day!

"Ascii Pi" from jorel314 on Flickr via Creative Commons.

By Janelle Yahne
Library Circulation Associate

Today is Pi Day. Reason? The date, when shown numerically, is the same as the first three digits of pi (3.14). Pi represents the ratio of a Euclidean circle to its diameter, or how many diameters fit around the circumference of a circle. Pi is a mathematical constant that has no repeating numbers though computers and mathematicians keep on looking. I am far from an expert, so here are some interesting bits from the web to feed your brain and stomach.

Some people who are much smarter than me think that math classes should teach Tau. Check out this video from the musician Vi Hart to see an amusing explanation. The other videos are just as nifty. Also, from New Scientist, a musical interpretation of Pi.

Having trouble thinking of amazing ways to celebrate the annual geek holiday? Harry Mylonadis talks about his plans for today on thenextweb.com.

Baking and eating pie is always fun no matter the holiday, but here is another take on baking pi.

Wondering how pi ties into the library? We have interesting items on the history of mathematics, pi, and other numerical curiosities.

Other books we can get from MeLCat are listed below.


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