A Book as a Friend?

By Janelle Yahne
Library Circulation Associate

When you think of a favorite book, what are its likable characteristics? The author probably writers well enough if he has been published, though a critic might argue otherwise. The book is about an intriguing topic and weaves a story that keeps you flipping pages when you should be sleeping. Personally, I like the narrator’s voice that pops in my head as I read. In the end, a favorite book is one that gets under your skin, and stakes a claim upon a piece of your life as a friend.

An article in The Guardian by Rick Gekoski called “Some of My Worst Friends Are Books,” has me thinking about my own personal experiences with books. I remember being shocked by the end of Brave New World1 and the choice made by the main character. I felt encouragement and warmth after following a young woman’s passage through grief in P.S. I Love You. Devil in the White City had me dreaming of the 1893 World’s Fair and I devoured books about the architects for months. The empathy I felt with the woman in The Yellow Wallpaper as she descended into madness. For the reader Mr. Gekoski writes, “we suspend the everyday, ignore the telephone and doorbell, eat with our eyes fixed to the page, overcome, ravaged by the demands of the text.” I feel the same way about friends and family.

Though we are busy with living our lives we make time for friends and family whether living or in letters. Sometimes we may not see each other or have enough quality time, but the bookcase in my house reminds me that we will find a way to meet.

There are books about books in the library, to help one find new friends and others can be found through MeLCat.

Check out these titles:

1. Yes, I often recommend this book.


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