Happy Columbus Day!

By Steevigh Cwayna
Library Acquisitions Specialist

I’ve created a playlist on the GRCC Library’s YouTube channel for students who want to know more about Christopher Columbus — who he was and why he has a federal holiday. I chose four videosthat explain his ideas and his struggle to get financing for his voyage.

The videos talk about the good and the bad; his discovering the Americas and how he treated the American Indians he met when he landed. I selected these videos to spotlight that the things we learned in grade school were not the whole story. When I viewed these clips, I was left wondering why we don’t teach our children the truth and if Columbus day should be a federal holiday. Some argue that it should not, and a few states (South Dakota, Hawaii and Alaska) do not celebrate Columbus Day at all.

If the videos have whetted your appetite, and for more information, the library has a number of materials available on Christopher Columbus.

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