Banned Books Week: Brave New World

To celebrate Banned Books Week 2011, the library will be posting reviews and commentary from college staff about their favorite banned books and why during the celebration.

By Janelle Yahne
Library Circulation Associate

Picture a world of never ending instant gratification. All of your materialistic needs are met, there is no violence, free love is rampant, but the feelings are dosed out through over the counter medicine. It is a home of one government, you are taken care of from inception until death, and all you have to do is live within your caste. Welcome to Brave New World.

This is one of my favorite banned books because it is so different from 1984 and also pre-dates it. Both are about totalitarian governments controlling society, but Brave New World does it through consumer satisfaction, controlled recreational drug use, and technological advances in human control. Some of these methods may be recognizable in our own society today.

I recommend this book for those who like other banned books such as Fahrenheit 451, 1984, and the lost Russian classic, We.


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