Banned Book Week

By Steevigh Cwayna
Library Acquisitions Specialist

Next week, Sept. 24 – Oct. 1, 2011, is Banned Books Week; a yearly celebration of the freedom to read and the First Amendment.

Titles include [Links open to GRCC’s library or if we don’t have the title available, to GRPL’s library]:

  • And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson
    Reason for banning: homosexuality, religious viewpoint, unsuited to age group
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
    Reasons for banning: offensive language, racism, religious viewpoint, sex education, sexually explicit, violence, unsuited to age group
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
    Reasons for banning: insensitivity, offensive language, racism, sexually explicit
  • Crank by Ellen Hopkins
    Reasons for banning: drugs, offensive language, racism, sexually explicit
  • The Hunger Games (series), by Suzanne Collins
    Reasons for banning: sexaully explicit, violence, unsuited to age group
  • Lush by Natasha Friend
    Reasons for banning: drugs, sexually explicit, offensive language, unsuited to age group
  • What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones
    Reasons for banning: sexism, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
  • Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America by Barbara Ehrenreich
    Reasons for banning: drugs, inaccurate, offensive language, political viewpoint, religious viewpoint
  • Revolutionary Voices edited by Amy Sonnie
    Reasons for banning: homosexuality, sexually explicit
  • Twilight (series) by Stephanie Meyer
    Reasons for banning: sexually explicit, religious viewpoint, violence, unsuited to age group

For more information on the subject of banned books, please visit the American Library Association’s site.

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