Rude: Where Are Our Manners?

This new DVD is available in GRCC’s Library and Learning Commons and may be useful in the One Book One College / CLS100 implementation of Forni’s Choosing Civility.

The call # is 395.R832 and the title is shelved in the Audiovisual Collection on 1st floor. It circulates on a 3-day checkout.

The DVD contents note: “What are the rules of behavior? Do people not know, or do they not care?” In this program, host Valerie Pringle explores the reasons behind the ostensible breakdown of manners, defined as treating others with consideration, within the group known as Generation Me. Etiquette experts, such as Judith Martin (or Miss Manners), author Lynne Truss, and Johns Hopkins University professor P. M. Forni, explain the changes in attitudes that occurred in the 1960s and how those changes affected day-to-day interactions. Workplace decorum, or lack thereof, is also examined, along with impoliteness that can accompany use of technology, such as cell phones. Finally, experts offer suggestions on restoring good manners to the general public. Contains harsh language. Some content may be objectionable.” (43 minutes)

Click here for a preview clip.


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